Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies have ALL Arrived!!

Currently, ALL our Italian Greyhound puppies have all arrived!  We have 12 babies in total!  Several Red Fawns, some Blue Fawns, some Seals and some Reds.  Plenty of colors to choose from!  All our mama Iggys are doing really well!  They have all settled into their new routines of caring for a growing family.  Brite Lite is the most interesting mama.  She has declared that she does not like the new nursery arrangement!  She has been trying to rearrange her bedroom with little success.  I keep putting it back the way I WANT it to look!  She is quite ornery!   One day, she very deliberately pooped in the middle of her new bed to show her distain for my taste in decorating nurserys.  You know those Italian Greyhounds,  they are extremely smart and never embarressed to show their true feelings on any subject.  I have to admire the kind of nerve they display at times!  Please look on my puppy page to find ALL the pics of the newborns!

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