Beagle Puppy Leaves for Colorado!!

Today, one of your beagle puppies left for Colorado!  So this little puppy had a very long trip to go to his new home!  I bet he is wondering when they will ever arrive at his destination.  The longest trip, our beagle puppies have taken here, is to the vet’s office for their 7 weeks Check Up!  We had several whiners who decided that they did not enjoy the car riding adventure!   One never knows how puppies will react to a car ride~!   I distinctly remember one trip to the vet, in which I had several crates of puppies making the journey!  I decided to let one larger puppy ride on my lap.  Boy, did I ever get a surprise on the way home.  The pup completely emptied the contents of this rolling tummy on my lap.  Thankfully, we were just a few short miles from home!

My adult beagles Love the trip in the car, particularly if they are only dog going!  Looking out the window in the passengers’s side is their delight!  I am always glad that I can keep the windows up.  It would be just like a beagle to go flying out, chasing after a rabbit or squirrel.  You know beagles, they are always on the lookout for entertainment!

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