Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Are Growing!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies are getting to be little butter balls!!  I do declare Faith must have the fattest little pup of everybody!  Her little Kedron is enjoying being the ONLY pup for mama to dote on!  Nobody to push him out of the way when he is hungry for a milk drink from mama!  Nobody crawling over him when he is sleeping!  He has the entire whelping room all to himself!  Talk about being a spoiled puppy.  This little Italian Greyhound  already has the ONE and ONLY thing going on!  He is going to be mighty surprised when he gets to weaning time!  He will be introduced to a lot of other Iggy puppies!  Kedron will have to learn to push his way thru to get his share of the feed!  His mama, Faith, is totally enjoying the Mama thing with only ONE baby to feed!  She is leading a very carefree life, with only ONE baby to care for!  Lots of time for Faith to check out the wonderful sights outdoors!

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