Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Get Nails Clipped!

Today, All of our new Italian Greyhound puppies received their 1st toe nail clipping!  One mama, Peace, was afraid that it was her turn for a nail clip!  She promptly ran out of her bedroom as soon as she saw the clippers come out!  Peace is ONE smart Iggy!  Gracey, just calmly laid down and watched her babies get the process done!  Lucy, is my nosey mama!  She tries to direct my attention away from the puppies onto herself!  Lucy never misses a single opportunity to get a good pettin.  I am pleased to say that we got the process ALL done and all the puppies were happily sleeping or drinking a milk snack from mama, when I left for the evening.   Sweet Dreams!  My little Italian Greyhound family!

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