Kansas Beagles Greet me!!

Tonight, I just got back from a 4 day vacation in Wichita Kansas!  I sure do miss my beagles!  Lemonade was wagging his tail and very happy to see me!  My new little girl, Candy Kisses,  insisted on being held!  Buster my new beagle boy was jumping up and down when he saw me!  I love being greeted by my beagle family!  The doggie sitter informed me that everything went really well!  I am sure that Lemonade and Emmy were very busy in my absence!  I am wondering just how many candle lit dinners Emmy actually attended?  Lemonade tends to skip the romance and go straight to the bedromping!  Who only knows the number of times they caused the bedroom walls to shake?  I am hoping for a fine number of good looking Beagle Children from this couple in about 8 weeks!  I am already getting a constant stream of people looking for beagle pups!  I highly recommend placing a deposit to ensure that you actually recieve one of my DEAR beagle babies!

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