Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Growing!

Tonight, I just got back from a 4 day vacation with my family in Wichita Kansas!  My doggie sitter informed me that All my Italian Greyhound puppies were a pleasure to watch!  I sure missed these little babies!  My goodness how much they have grown in just 4 days.  I think little Kedron boy forgot who I was!  He tried putting on a crying act when I held him tonight.  Apparently he grew very attatched to the doggie sitter.  Kedron will be 1st on my list for extra love and cuddling all week long!  Every puppy here is REQUIRED to let me hug and pet them!  Friendliness is a must at our place!  The other puppies seemed happy to have me petting and holding each one.  Little Peaces puppies were walking everywhere and even taking tumbles occasionally.  Little Lucy’s puppies were just as fat and fluffy!  She has the fattest Italian Greyhound puppies I have ever seen.  Gracey’s puppies have matured, all walking around nicely now!  Apparently, not all my adult Iggys made up with the doggie sitter!  Joybells was the most ornery one!  She refused to come inside the kennel building while the sitter was taking care of everybody inside!

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