Kansas Beagle Escapes Out of Bedroom!

Candy Kisses, one of our new beagle girls is getting rather ornery!  She loves to be petted and enjoys attention!  Tonight, she decided to puch her luck when I stopped by her bedrrom to hug and pet her.  She dashed completely outside the door and danced down the middle aisle of our long kennel building.  This little beagle was so very proud of herself!  She stopped to say Hello to all the other GOOD doggies who were settling down for the night!  The other dogs were very quick to tell me that this behavior is so UNFAIR!!  How dare, Candy Kisses to break the RULE about staying in your bedroom at night?  Several of my Italian Greyhounds started barking to Tattle TEll to me!  I eventually collected Candy Kisses and placed her firmly back inside her bedroom door.  That ornery Beagle girl!!!  She is quite hilarious when I am outside hosing and cleaning the outdoor area!  She insists on being petted, after all, isn’t that the most important thing around here?  My husband tells me she comes for loving and petting every morning, when  he comes to clean up!

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