Kansas Italian Greyhounds Enjoy Belly Rubs!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies are growing so very fast!!  This week we introduced them to potty training!  All our mama Iggys got their puppy bedrooms rearranged to accomodate this new skill we are teaching them.  We took their carpet away from them and divided their rooms into 2 areas.  Each room has a bathroom and a sleeping’/eating area.  Our mama Italian Greyhounds were not too happy with me rearranging their rooms.  Gracey in particular, showed her extreme dissappoval by kicking out nearly ALL the potty material out of her NEW  bathroom.  She informed me that she is the BOSS in decorating her house!!  Peace and Lucy were a little more cooperative with the NEW arrangement!  The Iggy Babies have a new carpet in their sleeping area.  The bathroom is Filled with shredded papers.  This is to give them the picture that we sleep and play on what is comfy.  The uncomfortable, paper stuff is for pottying on!!  I have watched several of them walk to the potty spot to do their business!  They are smart little babies!!!  I am amazed by how fast they catch on to the idea!

Little Bruno enjoyed his 1st belly rub tonight!  He is such a little sweetheart!  Mercy, from Peace’s litter, greeted me with little whines waiting to be petted!  Such a loving little girl!  Somehow I am not at all surprised!  Peace and Tiggertails are both hugely friendly and extemely into getting their affection from me!  They always produce the Best Personalities in my Iggy babies!  Little Sedrick couldn’t let his sister outdo him, so he stretched out for a belly rub!  I love giving belly rubs to these little Italian Greyhound puppies!

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