Kansas Beagles Share Quarters with the Photographer!!

Our new Beagles:  Candy Kisses and Eva got a little surprise tonight!  They were generous enough to let me borrow their inside bedroom to set up my photography station.  Tonight,  I took pictures of ALL the Italian GReyhound puppies!!  I think  neither one of these Pleasant Girls minded me moving them out of their bedroom.  The special bonus is they got to do some visiting with their OTHER Beagle friends:  Buster and Verna!  They were ONE happy beagle family and truly enjoyed the time visiting their Friends!  Buster and Verna were DELIGHTED to have company join them to romp and play outside!!!  I am sure they wish they could ALWAYS be together  for so much fun!!  But here at our place, we limit 2 beagles per bedroom and outdoor area.  That gives them plenty of room to play!

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