Kansas Beagles Howling at Night!

Our little family of beagles seemed very excited tonight!  They are howling in the darkness!  Even our farm dog:  Gus, is really stirred up.  He is romping around rather wildly!  I am wondering if they have seen a wild animal skirting across our farm yard!  I can even hear the coyotes howling in the distance!  Beagles are very good watch dogs.  You can count on them to let you know when something strange comes tripping across your yard!  I think it makes them angry, because they know This is THEIR turf.  And they are ticked when someone has the nerve to cross over on their turf!  Never know, I have seen several foxes around here lately.  And we used to have a fox that would be brazen enough to come up to our deck at night, to eat our kitty food!  Living in the country can be quite exciting at times!

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