Kansas Italian Greyhounds Going for a Vet Visit!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies are growing up on me!  This week, they all experienced their 1st shots!  Most of these Iggys were really brave about it!  However, we had some really big cry babies!  Little Kedron and Bruno were some of the biggest babies!  They really cried!  But, they soon forgot the pain when I set out their big bowl of puppy chow!  All the Iggys are eating very well on thier own now!  I see them constantly digging thru Mama Iggy’s food!  Won’t be long and they will be ready for a full 1/2 day without mama around.

These little Iggy babies are also ready for their 1st vet visit this week!  We shall find out who rides well in the car!  Hopefully, we won’t have anybody getting car-sick on me!  That isn’t fun for anybody!  I am guessing that they will all pass thier 1st vet visit with flying colors!  All my Italian Greyhound babies seem to be really healthy!

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