Kansas Italian Greyhounds Visit Vet!!

All our little Italian Greyhound puppies had thier very 1st Vet visit yesterday!!!  I am pleased to report NOT a single one of them got car sick on the 20 mile trip!  That is excellent news for you and me!  Our vet checked each one out very thoroughly!  Everbody was kind to the vet and not a single one pee peed on her table.  So we have some very polite little Iggy babies!

On our trip home, most everybody was very quiet and we road peacefully!  However, we did have a couple of whiners that insisted on letting everybody know They did NOT appreciate having such a long ride home!  Hopefully,  Their attitudes will improve the next time we travel.  However, I have a little unpleasant surprise for them?  The Vet is making a special trip to my farm and Kennel for our ANNUAL Good Health Dog Check.  Everyone:  Puppy and Adults will have to say Hello to our Friendly Vet!  She only comes out to our place 1 time per year for a very special Hello!

On an Extremely Happy Note:  All the Italian Greyhound Babies are Fully weaned and Eating well now(  24 hours a day)  without mamas.  That is Great News!!  They will soon be ready for their new homes!


Hoppy Hope DID have her puppies!  Look for Pictures on Tuesdays POst!!!  Gorgeous colors:  Blue, Blue Fawn and Seal colors!!!  Get ready to see some little dolls!



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