Kansas Beagle Girl Looking Pregnant!

Our little Beagle Girl, Viola, is starting to look plumper!!!  Definitely showing her pregnant self!  However, she is still Rowdy and Enjoying Playtime.  Today I placed her with 2 of my half-grown Beagle beagles:  Verna Kay and Eva.  Verna Kay and Eva are still basically puppies.  THey are 2 rowdy Beagle girls!  And Viola  spent the day romping and playing with these 2 new girls.  Verna Kay and Eva will be introduced to the dating “scene” when they are old enough to “Attend College”.  Here in our Doggie Family,  Girls must get their “Education”  1st!  Then the girls will be allowed to Go on Rowdy Dates with our OverEager Boys.  We certainly wouldn’t want to encourage them to POP up with an unplanned pregnancy!  WE are definitely into “Planned Parenthood”  in our beagle world!!   Hopefully, Viola, will not be a “Naughty Girl”  and teach them too many “Tricks”  of the “Trade”!

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