Kansas Italian Greyhounds Exploring!

Our little bunch of Italian Greyhound puppies are growing up on me!  Lucy’s, Gracey’s, Peace’s and Faith’s puppies will be 8 weeks old on Saturday!  Won’t be long and they will be moving to their new homes.  I do believe they get cuter every day!  I love to watch them explore the kennel aisle.  Just yesterday, they discovered my sandles and carried them off.  Quite proud of their little feat!  My beagles enjoy kissing them, it is hilarious to watch.  They stick their noses inside one of the beagle bedrooms and the youngest beagles start licking and sniffing them.  Little Trinity and Mercy seem to be my bounciest puppies.  You should see them bounce across the floor with excitement.  Isaac and Tyler tend to be more refined and do not get quite so excited.  They all seem to respect the fact that I am thier “New”  mama.  They start crying for my attention as soon as they see me coming early in morning.  THey know their human mama brings the puppy feed.  The older adult dogs just run outside and start barking when they see me coming.  I keep thinking that one day I will be able to sneak inside of the building with everyone asleep at naptime.  But no,  they have “Appointed”  Guard dogs outside that tell everyone in the kennel when they see me coming down to greet them.  It is so Endearing.  I am proud to be the Mama of such a fine bunch of Italian Greyhounds!

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