Kansas Beagle Shares her Bedroom!

My Beagle Girl, Viola was very generous this morning.  She agreed to let me take over her bedroom and use it to set up my photo studio for my Iggy puppies.  Thankfully, my Iggy puppies were quite cooperative during the pic taking.  So Viola Girl spent the time taking a nap in our puppy area.  She was very relaxed and seemed not to mind at all.  My  Adult Italian Greyhounds were quite amused by the switch.  They thought Viola looked rather rediculous in our puppy area.  They know she is way past puppyhood.  After all she is a “Mama in Waiting” now!   Viola is just an easygoing Beagle!  Nothing seems to upset her.  As long as she gets to play with her friends most of the time.

4th of July went really smoothly for our Beagle Family!  This is the time that I am so GLAD that we live way out in the country!  No frightening, scarey Fireworks for our doggies to watch!  We went to the neighbors house tonight and their dog was terrified of our festivities.  He did NOT want to leave house!  The host offered him a portion of homemade icecream to comfort him.   The special Power of Ice Cream makes ALL things better!

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