Kansas Italian Greyhounds Taking their Medicine!!

My Little Italian Greyhounds puppies from Lucy, Gracey, Faith and Peace ALL took thier worming Medicine today!  THey ALL hate this nasty tasting white stuff!  I am quite sure they wonder why their human mama is so mean and unkind to force them to swallow the  nasty stuff!  Most  of them tolerate it gracefully!  However, we do have a few cry-babies that let me know their feelings are hurt.  Little Kedron and Bruno, in particular,  are the leading actors in the drama to let mama know the Stuff tastes bad!  They cry for a minute or so AFTER the medicine is given to reinforce that fact to me.   Now, Who can resist comforting a crying Iggy puppy?  Smart little creatures!  They know how to obtain a little extra loving from mama!  It is amazing how fast these little  Italian Greyhounds can wrap themselves around your heart!

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