Italian Greyhound Puppy Going to Oklahoma!!

Tomorrow, our little Italian Greyhound, Natalie, will be going to Oklahoma to her new home!  This little Iggy is VERY ready!  She has playtime and running and jumping down to a VERY fine art!  She is so full of energy!  Her new family is very anxious to meet her!

My little Italian Greyhound puppies from Hoppy Hope are really growing!  Tonight 3 of them have their eyes open!  They are all starting to crawl around the whelping box now.  It is so very cute to watch.  Little Jasmine was the very FIRST to open her eyes!  She looks at me so quizically!  I am sure she wonders why I am so much bigger than her mama, Hope.

Little Mercy gets our award for the fistiest ball of energy!  She gives the other Italian Greyhound puppies a real run for their money!  She loves to knock them down and just tackle them.  She is the smallest in her litter and she definitely makes up for her small size!  Isaac and Terrance are the 2 biggest puppies and they are really calm and laid back.  Tonight little Mercy tried chewing on my toes!  She is so ornery and then she just runs to my lap and tries to get me to hug her.  How can you resist an Iggy hug?

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