Kansas Beagles Curious About Kennel Clean Up!!

Candy and Buster, our 2 half grown beagles are very curious about inside Kennel Clean up!  I completely hose down their inside area with water and wash down with a special cleaner.  They are not used to the procedure  yet!  They think I am coming inside their bedroom to play with them!  All the other adult dogs are familiar with the process and calmly stay outside while I clean the bedrooms.  Not these 2!!  They want to stay and distract me from my cleaning duties!  Then when I am not looking,  they run out of the room and romp down the kennel aisle.  They love exploring new territory!  Ornery little beagles!  I quickly scooped them up and put them in a holding area while I finished my cleaning duties!  They just love attention!  In fact, my husband, Roy, tells me Candy comes out each morning to watch him scoop all the potties in the outside area.  Candy insists on being petted each time!  Can’t beat beagles for their friendly carefree attitudes~!  They put a special “Pizzaz” in dull cleaning chores!

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