Frog Chased by Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies!

My little Italian Greyhound puppies had a BLAST during playtime tonight!  Little Dallas discovered the hidden Toad in our kennel building!  He gave the toad a run for his dear life!  It was very enjoyable to watch!  My adult beagles were monitoring the situation.  Lemonade, my beagle boy, assured me that He would nail that ole Toad if Dallas didn’t do a very good job.  The other Italian Greyhound puppies discovered my sandles laying on the floor.  Little Mercy enjoyed picking a shoe up and proudly running off with her good catch.  We all enjoyed a rough and rowdy good time!  Nothing like watching a bunch of Iggy puppies playing!  Little Hoppy Hope with her new batch of puppies was our “Cheer Leader”!  She eagerly barked to cheer the puppies on!  Actually she was very concerned they might “accidentally”  take a few peeps and “look” at her new brood.  She is very careful to guard them from all roving eyes!  Occasionally Gus, our large farm dog, peeps in the kennel windows at her.  Oh, my goodness, does that make this mama mad!  How dare he watch her inside her beloved house!

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