Kansas Beagle Showing her Round Tummy!

Our Beagle girl, Emmy, is developing quite a round tummy these days!  Makes me wonder if she has a bigger than usual number of puppies in that little tummy.  Definitely showing her pregnancy!  No denying what she and Lemonade have done while “Mama”  wasn’t looking!  Obviously more than just “Holding Hands”!  You know how kids are these days!   You know what the Good Book says, ”  The deeds that are done in darkness will be shouted from the housetops”!  Apparently God even shows the deeds of dogs!  I am sure that God must have a wonderful sense of humor when it comes to his creation!

Little Viola,  our other Beagle girl,   is due to have puppies by my calandar on July 24th!  But, I am just not so sure?  If she is pregnant, she sure is hiding it, these last couple of weeks.  I expected her to be quite large now and I am sadly disappointed!  She is Either NOT prego, or she is hiding 1 or 2 puppies in her tummy.  Only time will tell.  She does spend time playing outdoors.  My vet has informed me that several people that breed dogs are coming up dissappointed with the Hot tempertures!  Apparently, playing outside at times can possibley affect whether girls get pregnant or not!  Makes sense to me!  After all, who wants to have a “Roll in the Hay”  after sweating outside for a while.  I have noticed several dogs just napping indoors where it is cooler during the heat of the day.  Who only knows?  I wished I had an answer, but I really do not.  So I know that in a couple of weeks I shall have a definite answer on this Viola girl!  To all my waiting customers”  Please be patient with me,  I am still learning about this doggie business”.     I just do the VEry Best with What I have been given!!

Emmy girl’s due date is August 11th!!  So we will count on having beagle puppies in August for sure!



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