Kansas Italian Greyhound Rides to the Vet!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppy, Bruno, had his last visit to the vet today!  He obtained his health certificate so he could take his BIG airplane ride tomorrow.  This little Iggy is moving to Texas!  Bruno is looking forward to warmer tempertures ALL year round!  Not just the summer monthes~!  You know how Italian Greyhounds LOVE the sunshine~!  I am very proud of Bruno, he sat on my lap for the entire 20 mile ride to the vet!  Not a single whimper, I think he enjoyed being the ONLY Iggy puppy and soaking up ALL my attention.  Bruno is just a real doll baby!  A cuddler for sure!  I hope his new owners are ready for a NEW sleeping partner!  I am sure that he will want to cuddle up, right next to them in bed!  He told me, that is the TOP of his list for adoption requirements, for a new family!  Italian Greyhounds love to be close to their people.  One past customer described her new additon as the “Velcro Dog”!  Attatched for sure!

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