ONE More Kansas Beagle in Season!!

Great News around here!!  Our little Beagle:  Jolly, is now in season!!  Jolly is looking for a steady boyfriend now!  Lemonade is very happy to oblige her!  Lemonade recieved her with much JOY in his bedroom!  You can only imagine what Lemonade had in mind!  Jolly, on the other hand, was thinking steak dinner and a romantic walk in the park!  Not, my Lemonade, he is short on romance and long on major kissing and romping in bed!  However, Lemonade DOES have a shy streek in him.  He tries his best not to let THIS mama watch his Bed romping interludes!  He saves it for when I leave the kennel area!  Funny how beagles are so modest about the “Call of the Wild”!  My Italian Greyhounds are absolutely shameless about the activity!  Put’em together in a room and all it takes is 2 minutes to get to major action!  Broad daylight and mama watching the process!  SO——I will be expecting some darling puppies in about 10 weeks from this lovely beagle pair!  Jolly is my smallest beagle girl.  However, she has been known to produce as many as 8 puppies in ONE litter!

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