Kansas Beagle Getting PLUMP!!

Our mama beagle, Emmy, is getting quite HUGE with puppies!  She is waddling around and looking plenty CUTE with her big, pregnant belly!  Today Emmy was placed in her new bedroom to wait for her coming puppies!  She seemed to handle the adjustment quite nicely!  So far, she has NOT tried to rearrange the furniture or decor!  We shall see tomorrow morning if she continues such polite behavior.  You know Beagles, the closer they get to delivery day, the more creative they get in “Bedroom Redecorating”!!  I am just so pleased and can hardly wait to see these new beagle babies!  I get calls constantly asking WHEN I am going to have some more puppies!  Hopefully we shall see these darling babies really soon!

2 comments to Kansas Beagle Getting PLUMP!!

  • Jenny Crew

    Lori, it is puppy countdown here in Iowa, too, as we await Emmy’s puppies. Everyday, Olivia asks at least once, “Is our puppy born yet?” We are very excited!!

  • Yeah!! Nothing like seeing new beagle puppies being born! THese are the times I jump out of bed and eagerly look for surprises in the morning! Most of the time, my beagles give me clues and I can check on their progress! But occasionally, we have surprises waiting on us!