Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Eating Wet Puppy Food!!

Our little Italian GReyhound puppies from Hoppy Hope had their 1st taste of WET dog food today!  I am pleased to report, they ate every last bite!  Obviously it smelled and tasted very good!  These little babies are growing so very fast!  Won’t be long and they will be ready to move to their new homes!  Playtime is just beginning for them.  I heard a playful little growl from one of them today!  I have see several begin to tackle the other puppies!  Little Jasmine seems to be the official GREETER of the group!  She faithfully peers over the side of the whelping box when she hears me coming to see them.  Then she kindly licks my hand until it is her turn to be petted!  Such a loving little Italian Greyhound Puppy!!  Hoppy Hope always comes inside for her fair share of luvvins and affection too!  Nobody misses out on luvvins time!

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