Kansas Beagle Getting Closer to PUppy DElivery!

Our little Beagle, Emmy, is getting Closer to Delivery Day for puppies!  I keep thinking This is the day!  Miss Emmy is starting to rearrange her bedroom, so I am thinking it will be soon.  That tummy of hers LOOKS Big enough to explode!  So far, she is still waddling around and greeting me with kisses!  This beagle is just the sweetest mama!  Hopefully We shall see some beagle babies tomorrow.  Time will tell when I bounce out of my bed to run and check on her!

Today we had a few drops to rain!  Our crops are so thirsty!  I am sure my beagles wondered about the wet stuff falling from the sky!  It has been so long since it rained, they probally forgot what it feels like outside.  We don’t even mow grass anymore!


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