Kansas Italian Greyhound Delivers Puppies!

Our little Italian Greyhound, Brite Lite delivered puppies!  We have 4 brand new faces around here!  2 Gorgeous Girls and 2 Beautiful Boys!  2 White and 2 Red Puppies!  They are a very pretty sight!  Brite Lite is our smallest Iggy around here and this is her largest litter ever!  She generally gives birth to just 3.  So 4 is a very large batch of babies for her to take care of.  I am pleased to report that Brite Lite is a very doting Italian Greyhound.  She is caring and feeding them well.  Such tiny little creatures- I am betting 4 or 5 ounces.  Hard to believe in a few weeks that they will be growing to a couple of pounds.  Amazing how fast it happens!  Sometimes I can even determine growth in a matter of 12-14 hours.

Pictures will be a little slow on coming on this new litter!  This week I am focusing on taking my OWN Human  family pictures!  So please have patience with me!  I have definitley not forgotten about letting my online audience see these pretty babies!


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