HAPPY Day!! Beagle Puppies in Kansas!

Emmy has delivered 8 Gorgeous puppies!!!  This little beagle girl had a very easy delivery!  Just popped them out really easy!  It is amazing that she found room inside that tummy to hold these little babies!  Only God can perform miracles like that!  Nothing so amazing as the birth of new beagle puppies.

We have 7 LEMONS and 1 RED color.  The red is a boy!    5 Girls and 3 Boys!  Don’t let people talk you out of a little beagle boy!  They can be really sweet too!  If neutered at a young age,  boys make very loving pets!  Some of my favorite housedogs have been boys!

Currently we have 2 people on our waiting list and choosing puppies from this litter of beagles.  So it may take a while before they are brought down to the puppy page.  More Pictures coming in about 10 days!

Miss Emmy the beagle with her puppies!


More Beagle Baby pictures! Yes, we have 8 puppies! One is camara shy!


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