Kansas Beagles getting Cuter!!

Our little batch of beagle babies from Miss Emmy are getting cuter every day!  I love to hold these fat, little rolly-pollys!  Mama beagle is feeding this bunch really well.  Miss Emmy is very ademant that I give her a daily dose of luvins too!  She eagerly awaits me coming to check on her babies!  She carefully watches me pick up and cuddle each one.  But, she sits there waiting for HER turn with the pettins and luvins!  You know beagles are always ready for a good pettin from their favorite humans!  Her puppies are getting really good about scooting around the bedroom and finding a comfy place to lay down and fall asleep.  Tonight 2 of the puppies decided it was too warm on the carpet and chose to sleep on the bare floor!

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