Kansas Italian Greyhounds Eating Well!

Our little bunch of Italian Greyhound puppies from Hoppy-Hope  are eating well on their own now!  They are in the new weaning quarters 24 hours a day, without mama!  And they are little piggies when it comes to eating!  These little Iggies are enjoying playtime on a brand new level!  Little Emma is the most inquisitive and loves to explore the new scenery!  Petro Boy is the most playful of this bunch!  He is always trying to stir the action to take playtime to a higher level!  Justice is my baby!  He loves to come to me for cuddles during playtime!  So much fun to watch these Iggies play!

BriteLite’s bunch of babies are standing up and trying to walk a step or 2 on thier own!  It is quite hilarious to watch them!  They take a step and then topple over, much like clumsy toddlers learning to walk.  Most of thier eyes are open now!  I am certain they are amazed at  the sight of the  HUGE human mama that comes to pet and talk to them each day!  Little Princess almost came to me when I sat by their bedroom quarters!  I know she was thinking about it!  Brite Lite the mama insisted on getting a bellyrub tonight!   All nursing mamas deserve a massage, every once in a while!  It is hard work to feed 4 puppies.


My Italian Greyhounds, Lion of Judah and Lucy,  have been really busy making out and enjoying some major bed romping!  Caught those 2 in the middle of the act,  TWO times today!  You know Iggys are absolutely shameless about this activity!  I do believe Lucy is the HOTTEST Iggy we have here!   She has the longest love cycle of anybody here in our doggie world!  So I am thinking we shall have a large litter of Iggy puppies from them in about 9 weeks.

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