Kansas Beagle Puppies Walking now!!

Our little bunch of Beagle puppies from Miss Emmy are moving around their bedroom quite well!  I see them waddle over to the new potty area to place their duties into!  They are also learning to choose the softest, most comfortable areas for sleeping quarters!  They are just getting cuter every day!

This morning, my little boy, Zane, enjoyed sitting by their bedroom area and watching them move around!  He picked a few puppies up and loved and petted them!  He was also very observant and told me when a puppy started crying for mama!  Mama Emmy was very happy to see my little boy!  She insisted on quite a few pettings herself!  These mama beagles are so good with children!  Where else can you trust a 4 year old with puppies and a mama doggie?  Only With Beagles!!!  They are the very best!  My hope is that each one of these puppies will get to live with children who enjoy playing with them!  Nothing like a child with his best beagle buddy!!

Harvest time has started at our farm!  So my hubby and I are busy driving the combine and tractor!  Even, my little boy Zane gets into the action!  He enjoys riding in the BIG combine with daddy!  This is why my blogging and pictures have been a little slow on coming.  However, my hubby informed me that he has a tractor driver next week, lined out.  THat means I will have some FREE time to take some NEW puppy pictures!  Get ready for some darling shots!


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