Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Wagging Tails!

Our little bunch of Italian Greyhound babies from Brite Lite are growing up on me!!  This week, we introduced them to potty training!  I am very impressed with thier behavior!  I think they are beginning to understand the process of putting pottys in the special bathroom I created for them.  I took away their carpet in their bedroom this week.  I divided their area into 2 parts!  They have a bathroom in back with shredded papers.  Then they have a front room with a small slab of carpet on it!  I see them walk back to the bathroom to do thier potties, so I know they are beginning to understand the process!  They use the front room for sleeping and walking around!   This is what we call PUPPY Kindergarden around here!  The 1st steps in the training process!  It still takes many monthes of practice on this activity.  Like any schooling process, we don’t obtain the DIPLOMA in one short week.

These little Italian Greyhound babies are beginning to develop their personalities also!  It is so darling sweet to watch!  I think Princess Girl is going to be very outgoing!  This little Girl now rolls on her belly for belly-rubs!  She also wags her tail and trys to see out the top of the whelping area when she hears me greeting her mama!  Casey Boy is now getting into the luvvins too!  Toffee and Angel are still on the shy side!  Who knows this is just the beginning?  I love to watch them at this age.  Next week, we shall begin to introduce them to wet puppy food!  I think they are getting ready for this!  I saw a couple of them smelling and snooping in mama’s feed!

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