Kansas Beagles Puppies Climbing Out!!

Our little bunch of Beagle puppies from Emmy are GROWING up on me!!!  Their latest acheivement is CLimbing out of their Big Bed and joining mama when she is trying to get some quiet time without them!  You know Kids Never Want to MISS out on ANything!  Beagle puppies included!  Reminds me of my own 4 year old son who climbs out of bed occasionally to see what mama and daddy are doing after his 8 pm bedtime!

I am really surprised that they can climb out!  It is quite nearly an 11 inch climb!  I bet mama Emmy was surprised too!  She had been enjoying taking a few naps without them!  Even Beagle mamas need a break sometimes!  So we have been placing the puppies in a special weaning area for 30 minutes each morning to give mama a break!  At this area, they have been happily eating puppy chow!  We will gradually increase the time span until they are completely weaned from mama!  From the hearty eating that I have been seeing from these little babies, I think weaning will be a very SMOOTH Transition for all of  them.

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