Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Begging!!

Our little bunch of Italian Greyhound PUppies from Brite Lite are really getting FRIENDLY!!  These little babies start begging for attention as soon as they see me coming!  Little Princess, in particular, is the 1st one to get her share of belly rubs and pettins.  Little Toffee, girl, beat her to the punch for a good bunch of loving tonight!  Toffee was the 1st to come to me and beg for pettins!  The other 2 puppies were quick to join these 2!  My, my how they love to be talked to and they love to be petted!  I think they truly  believe that I bring treats with me every time they hear me!  Only in the morning,  I carefully take them to our weaning area and serve them breakfast on their big doggie bowl!  You should see these sweet babies eat!  All of  them agree that wet puppy food is supremely delicious!  The rest of the time, they are allowed to nibble on mama Brite Lite’s DRY puppy food!

If you are looking for freindly and extra loving,  this is the Italian Greyhound  bunch to choose from!!  Get ready to spend lots of time cuddling and petting these babies!  They are very much INTO love!

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