Kansas Beagle Getting Round!!

Our smallest BEagle Jolly is getting quite round with her upcoming puppies!  I am wondering how many beagle babies are hiding in that fat little belly of hers?  She is so BIG that she can hardly waddle thru the doggie door to go outside!  But, that doesn’t seem to stop this waiting mama’s fun!  She is always outdoors checking out ALL the sights!  Doesn’t let anything slide by her nose!  She definitely keeps up on all the latest news and “gossip”  on our doggy family!

Our little bunch of puppies from Emmy are growing like little weeds!  You should see their fat little tummies!  They are getting quite used to eating puppy feed now!  I think most of them have just passed the 3 lb mark!  Won’t be long and they will be moving on to thier new homes!  2 of our beagle puppies are enjoying Italian Greyhound company while they eat their puppy food in the morning!  I put 2 of them in with the Iggy babies and they all seem to enjoy eating together!  Although I will admit, beagles are much more sloppy eaters!  Nothing dainty about their eating habits!  They head right for the action, sometimes all 4 paws end up in the food bowl too!  They are quite funny to watch!

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