Kansas Italian Greyhounds Cuddling up on Heat Pads!

Our Italian Greyhounds are adapting to the sudden change of Kansas Tempertures!  We are getting quite cool at nights!  A few times I walked inside our doggy home and the furnace  had turned on to keep their  house at the warm temperture of 72 degrees.  I noticed our Italian Greyhounds still needed some more warmth, so I turned on their wonderful heat pads!  They love these pads!  Wasn’t 10 minutes and I saw them curling up on them to settle in for naptime!  We believe in keeping our Iggy family comfortable!  Actually my husband and I have a distinct aversion to cool tempertures also!  We have  already turned on our heated blanket in our bedroom too!

Our beagles, on the other hand, could hardly care less about the cool tempertures!  They are still enjoying playing outside with much abandon!  Even snow doesn’t seem to stop their delight in outdoor play!

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