Kansas Beagle Puppies Enjoying Playing!

Our little Beagle puppies from Emmy are really growing up on me!  They are no longer the quiet creatures who nap all the time!  THey have discovered the joys of being a BIG puppy now!  They are ALL completely weaned and enjoying new areas to investigate and play in!  They are such curious little creatures!  Tonight they enjoyed visiting with our Adult Italian Greyhounds.  Little Tina was particularly interested in them!  My Tiggertails and Peace Girl were so curious about these little puppies peeping in their Italian Greyhound bedroom tonight!  Of course, the little beagles were looking for left-over adult dog feed!  You know, just like human babies.  What adults eat is always better than babyfood!  You know the scenario I am quite sure!  All of our puppies are becoming more bolder as they romp and play!  One or 2 of them decided to dive underneath our huge equipment area against the wall!  Much like walking under a coffee table in your living room!  Smart little critters, they found their way back out, very quickly!  You know beagles, their lively nose takes them everywhere!  Sometimes to places they are not supposed to go!  They are curious toddlers just waiting to find a little trouble!

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