Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Barks~!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies are becoming quite animated when they play!  Angel and Princess tend to be the boldest and always check out the new play areas 1st.  Toffee and Casey tend to more reserved and need more pettings from mama before they go exploring!  Tonight they enjoyed saying Hello to our adult beagles!  They also enjoyed romping with our beagle puppies!  It is so hilarious to watch these 2 breeds play together!  Italian Greyhound puppies are so much faster than our wobbly, fat beagle puppies!  THey can even jump higher~!  Our Iggy puppies are really into playtime!  Tonight little Casey tried barking to get  the beagle puppies attention!  He wanted to play!  and beagle puppies are more into following their noses!  Our adult beagles are amazed at these high stepping, little beings that dart about so very fast!  Iggys are dumbfounded that beagle puppies move so slowly!  Nothing beats watching Princess run and jump down our kennel aisle!  She is our highest jumping Italian Greyhound puppy!  I can definitely tell that Hoppy HOpe is her mama!  Hoppy Hope is a jumping, bouncing girl who never winds down!

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