Kansas Beagle Puppies Starting to Open Eyes!

Our bunch of Beagle puppies from Jolly are getting big!  Today, I noticed their eyes are starting to open just a tiny bit!   I was so surprised!  I think they are a little early on this big event!  Won’t be long and they will be looking at the big bold world and getting a closer view of the Human Giant that holds and talks to them each day!  I often wonder what they think of me when they 1st get a glimpse! Much different than their furry cuddly mama!

Our weather here in Kansas has definitely taken a cool, chipper, Autumn spell!  Jolly and her newborn puppies are enjoying a warm heat pad on the floor and also a heat lamp.  We always heat our doggie home to 72 degrees, but mama Beagles and puppies need much more warmth.  Especially when their bed is located on the carpeted floor!

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