Kansas Italian Greyhounds Caught Kissing!

Our little Italian Greyhounds from Brite Lite are getting cuter every day!  Little Princess Girl was caught kissing the adult beagles!  She is just so curious about these larger creatures!  During playtime, we let these Iggys puppies romp down the kennel aisle and get to know some of our other doggies here!  The beagles are always curious about the newest puppies!  And the Iggys love to sniff thier noses!  It is so darling cute to watch!


More Italian Greyhounds will be coming soon!  Miss Joybells is due for her ONE last litter of puppies on October 16th!  She is the only blue girl that I own~!   After she raises her babies, we will be looking for a NEW PET home for this sweet mama!~  If you are looking for an ADULT Italian Greyhound:  This is your BIG chance!  Joybells is only 3 years old and would make a very loving pet!

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