Kansas Beagle Puppies getting Plump!

Our 3 little Beagle babies from Jolly girl are getting round!  This beagle mama feeds her babies well!  Especially, since she only has 3 mouths to feed!  These little babies resemble butterballs!  Looking cute and beginning to creep around the whelping area now!  Their eyes are open and they are beginning to take a look at the big new world around them.  Jolly girl is getting really ornery these days!  She took complete advantage of the fact that I left her bedroom door unlocked!  She romped around the entire kennel building and said Hello to All her  friends!  The other dogs let me know immediately that she was breaking the rules!  Yes, even in doggieville, we have tattletails~!    Reminds me of human children in grade school!  The other dogs quickly started barking, to alert me to Jolly’s pleasant little romp around the complete building!   Be sure to check my website tomorrow for NEW pics of these darling beagle babies tomorrow!

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