New Italian Greyhound PUPPIES in Kansas!!

Joybells has FINALLY delivered her beautiful Iggy puppies!  THey were born Monday!  We have 2 Blue girls and 2 Blue Fawn boys!  Joybells is doing great with these new babies!  Although she picked a FINE evening to deliver.  Wouldn’t you know, the one evening I have reserved for a special date night with my hubby.  Thank goodness, our wonderful doggie sitter was able to keep an eye on her while we were gone for t he evening.  Actually she had started delivering around noon.  I asumed we had plenty of time to see her whole litter, before I left for the evening.  But our little Italian Greyhound puppies had other plans!  They were one SLOW bunch when it came to the birthing process!  By the time we came home Monday night, she had 4 healthy puppies!  So get ready for some pictures of the newborns tomorrow!  Nothing like a brand new Italian Greyhound puppy!


Our 2 puppies from Brite Lite:  Angel and Princess are getting more beautiful every time I look at them!  Somebody is really missing out on some gorgeous Iggy puppies!  And they will be on the smaller side, since Brite Lite is my Tiniest Iggy that I own.  Both Princess and Angel are extremely affectionate!  They love to climb into your arms for luvvin time!  Can’t think of a better Halloween surprise that a NEW puppy at your house!  Much more exciting than Jack-O-Lantarns and pumpkins!

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