Kansas Beagle Puppies Wagging their Tails!

Our little Beagle puppies from Jolly are growing up on me!  I noticed a couple of them wagging their tails as I talked to them today~  Such darling little babies!  They are beginning to crawl around the whelping area!  All these Beagle babies have officially began potty training!  Kindergarten is NOW in session for these babies!!!

They now have 2 distinct areas  in their quarters with mama~!  They have a bedroom in the front with heated warm carpet to walk in.  The back area of their quarters is the “Bathroom”.   It is a cooler area with shredded papers to potty on!  I am very pleased to report that they are very good about putting their pottys in the bathroom!  If we could only teach them to “flush”  afterwards,  then life would be much easier for me!  You know beagles, that is entirely ABOVE their comprehension level!  I have heard of a few cats that have acheived this fine “Art”!!

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