Kansas Italian Greyhounds Cudding in Bed!

WOW, Kansas Tempertures took a major drop today!  Our Italian Greyhounds are still trying to adjust to the bitter winds and cold tempertures!  Most of them spent their day inside cuddled up on their heated beds!  Yes, Iggys love heated areas to nap on!  We spoil ours!   We keep our doggie house heated to 72 degrees in the wintertime!  Then just for our Iggy family, we give them Heat Mats to sleep on!  I crank them to 95 degrees and they LOVE it!  You should see the contented faces and happy cuddlers!  It is just so precious to sneak up on them at mid-night and find them all curled up on their mats together!

Joybells Puppies are eating well!  Growing and getting fatter every day!  New pictures will be posted of these little Italian Greyhound puppies on Wednessday of next week!  We have already recieved a deposit on ONE of her babies!  We ONLY have 2 more to choose from.  I strongly suspect they will sell very fast.  Please do NOT miss your opportunity to claim one of these little doll babies!

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