Kansas Beagles Growing up!!

Our little bunch of Beagle puppies from Jolly girl are growing up on me!!!  Little Oreo is now coming to me and begging to be petted!  They are just starting to really get into the petting!  Plus they have a new incentive to come to me!  I introduced these Beagle babies to wet puppy chow!  Yes, They now spend breakfast time, away from mama, sniffing the wet puppy chow.  Little Oreo has decided that he LOVES this new food!  Krissy Girl and Cocoa Puff are still busy investigating it!  I suspect it won’t be long and they will decide that this “New” stuff tastes great too!   Mama Jolly has been using the alone time to visit with her beagle friends in the next bedroom over!  Jolly is so hilarious!  She eagerly heads to their feed bowl and greedily gulps down their dog food.   The other 2 beagles just shake thier heads with amazement, that this new guest just helps herself to their snacks.    You know beagles, they never pass an opportunity to eat food!  Of course, anything different tastes “BETTER”  than their own food .

All the puppies are also starting to really play with each other!  I have caught several of them chewing on each other’s ears!  They love to grab ears and tease one another!  Mama Jolly has introduced a new style for them to drink thier milk snacks!  She insists on standing up for the feeding process!  The puppies have adjusted quite well and simpley eat sitting up, instead of laying down.  Truth be told,  Jolly, is preparing them for weaning!  She knows that feeding puppies is only temperory.  I am sure she is eager for these little children to grow up and get on their own 2 feet!

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