Kansas Beagle Puppies Growing up!

Our little bunch of Beagle babies from Jolly are Growing up!  They have decided that they LIKE wet puppy food for breakfast!  And being without mama for 30 minutes each morning is not so bad!  Mama Jolly sure looks forward to the break!  She eagerly runs into Buster and Emmys area of our building and the fun begins!  Our Beagle Boy Buster eagerly awaits her arrival!  In fact, he has suggested going home to Jolly’s bedroom and checking out the puppy quarters!  Now we cannot allow a nosey Beagle Boy interrupting the schedule of a mama and her preschoolers!  I am sure he would completely rearrange everything!  So Buster will just have to be satisfied with staying with Emmy Girl for the rest of the time!   You know how hormones race in Beagles!  The more girls you can have, the more fun you have!

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