More Italian Greyhound Puppies in Kansas!!

Tonight is a very exciting night in our doggie family!  The sounds of New Italian Greyhound Puppies are in the air!  Miss Gracey and Lion of Judah are having a family tonight!  I am thinking from the size of mama that they had better “Sign Up”  for the next reality show on TV!!!  They are gonna need some major CASH to support this large family of young’ins!  Miss Gracey has already popped out 3 and she still  has ONE large belly!  I am sure if she had not pupped tonight, she would have exploded with all the pressure.  Truly I am  amazed!  I have NEVER seen an Iggy swell so big!  I am just now heading out to the doggie house again to see how many MORE new Italian Greyhound faces will greet me.

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