Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Open Eyes!!

Life is exciting in our Italian Greyhound family!  Our 3 babies from Peace’s litter have opened their eyes and they can now stand up on their own!  It is so sweet to watch these little babies!  Little Cinnemon tried to sneak a milk snack from mama when she was standing up and greeting me~!    She found out that it is very difficult to nurse standing up and stretching your head to reach the spout!  Thankfully, mama Peace provides plenty of laying down, resting time for her babies to get their needed milk snacks!  Those little pink noses are starting to get more black on them, every time that I see them!  The pink noses do NOT last long!~   Only when they are babies!

Gracey’s Italian Greyhound babies are beginning to open their eyes!  Little Mario finally has his eyes open!  Several of them are starting to open a tiny slit!  Won’t be long and Miss Gracey will be chasing around some ornery toddlers!  She has a large bunch to look after!  I am sure that Gracey is majorly jealoss of Peace’s quiet world of ONLY 3 tots!

Little Hoppy Hope is in season!  Lion of Judah is much excited about the prospects of spending a night on the town with this “Favorite Lady!  I am wondering what “New” romantic tricks he will have up his sleeve!  I bet Hoppy is hoping for some slow dancing!  Lion is just hoping for a “Quick Roll”  in a warm bed!

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