One Kansas Beagle Puppy left!!!

Our Beagle puppies will be leaving for new homes really soon!  Little Cocoa Puff will be leaving for Wichita tomorrow!  Such cutie pies they are!  I will miss their sweet romping, playful selves!  ALL 3 of them start crying for attention as soon as they see me coming down the hall!  They love attention!  Tonight, I introduced them to 3 Italian Greyhound puppies from Joybells litter of puppies.  My goodness, these beagles love to check out new friends!  They were overjoyed to have more company at playtime!

Last night, they had a special visit from 4 children that live down the road from us!  My goodness, children delight these little beagle puppies!  My 4 year old son was very proud to show off his beagle puppies!  And I am sure that the children went home begging for a new puppy!  Life does NOT get any better than watching 4 children interact with beagle puppies!

Little Krissy girl is STILL looking for a home!  So if your child needs a special early delivery from Santa Claus,  come on over!  Krissy, the beagle puppy,   would be delighted to have a child she could claim as “Her OWN”.    I am sure she will NOT last long at this time of year!


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