Kansas Beagle Enjoying Playtime!

Our newest Beagle,  Tina, is really getting into puppy playtime with the IGGYs.  She happily kisses and  touches noses with our Iggy puppies!  Such a happy girl our Tina Girl is!  A nice addition to our beagle family!  She will be paired with a new beagle named Buster.  When she is “dating AGE” ,  Buster will be introducing her to a “Fine Night on the Town!”   Hopefully, puppies will be the result of this dating adventure.  But, we do have some growing up to do!  The human mama inforces strict rules about dating relationships.  No Dating until you are “18  years old”.   I am not sure Buster  approves of the age limit!  But Rules must be followed around here.  We don’t want Buster going to “Doggie Jail”  for taking advantage of a young girl!

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