Kansas Italian Greyhounds Visit Nursing Home!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies:  Gumba and Whitney were chosen to bring Christmas Cheers to our local nursing home!  I am pleased to report that they were on their BEST behavior!  Not a single snap or growl.  These 2 babies decided they LOVED Grandmas and Grandpa cuddling with them!  One bedridden Grandma had the highlight of her day when we placed one on her chest!  She LOVED puppies!  IG pups are the best things to show off.  Such quiet little creatures, not a single complaint.  Then we very carefully placed them together to take a quiet nap on a comfy towel.  THey both slept rather soundly.  A very busy Morning for such little puppies!  So OUR puppies should be properly socialized to ALL ages, not just the younger set!

Peaces’s litter of puppies are getting quite animated!  Waggin tails and begging paws make it simpley irrestible to pass them by without stopping to pet them.  Of course, Peace must get a fine petting herself!  After ALL, Mamas deserve our time and attention!

Gracey litter of puppies and Peace’s have been introduced to PUPPY KINDergarden!  All the puppies have graduated to pottying on newspapers!  I am pleased to say that we have some very fast learners in these 2 bunches!  THey very carefully leave their sleeping quarters and travel to the “NEW”   bathroom.  Both mamas are quite pleased with this progress from their babies!  They both informed me that they were tired of cleaning up after “Little Babies”.   So  HURRAH for Italian Greyhound babies!  They are moving up the laddar to a “Fine Education”!!

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  • paula

    I’m so excited to meet my Greyhound puppy I am knitting him a new

  • Your little Iggy puppy is Going to NEED a sweater in this cold!!! It is one snowy, cold night here! We are keeping these babies inside in a very warm home! Only the adults are allowed to go outside. And our adult Iggys run outside as quick as possible to get thier pottys done. Then they quickly run back inside to enjoy warm comfort!

  • paula

    Oh yes! He will have a sweater to put on at the airport I will be knitting many sweaters and my sister sews so he will have custom
    pj’s and coats etc.
    How do the airlines keep the pups warm in flight?